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We’re in the final stages of the Euro 2024 group stages and there’s still plenty to fight for – including who will secure four spots as the best third-place team.Currently, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia are the qualifying teams, but that could change in the coming days.

Once teams have secured these spots, how is it determined who will face whom in the Euro 2024 Round of 16? Check out the Hawkplay channel!

how is it determined who will face whom in the Euro 2024 Round of 16? Check out the Hawkplay channel!

How is the best third-place team at Euro 2024 decided?

According to UEFA regulations, the best four third-place teams are decided in order according to the following criteria:

  • A. Higher points
  • B. Superior goal difference
  • C. Higher number of goals scored
  • D. Win more times
  • E. The total disciplinary points are reduced only based on the yellow and red cards received by players and team officials in all group matches (red cards = 3 points, yellow cards = 1 point, two yellow cards in one match and expulsion = 3 points)
  • F. Overall European Qualifying Ranking

How are the Euro 2024 top 16 matches determined?

How are the Euro 2024 top 16 matches determined?​

As things stand from Tuesday’s game, here’s the standings for the best third-place teams. The top four advance, while the fifth and sixth placed teams are eliminated.

There will be twists and turns in the following games, but if the standings remain in their current state after the last round of the group stage, the teams in Groups D, E, A, and C will advance as the best third-place teams.

This is one of 15 team combinations that could theoretically qualify via this method, and UEFA have devised a table of who will play who in the 16 matches for all these potential outcomes, as follows Show.

Who can face whom at Euro 2024?

Who can face whom at Euro 2024?​

Among them, WB, WC, WE, and WF represent the winners of groups B, C, E, and F respectively. They will face the third-placed team in the qualifying round.Who plays who is predetermined, so the final ranking of the best third-place team is irrelevant.As mentioned, the teams currently advancing (in alphabetical order) are the third-placed teams from Groups A, C, D, and E.

That would result in these final 16 draws:

  • WB v 3E
  • WC v 3D
  • WE v 3C
  • WF v 3A

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